The fundraiser to collect money for the reboot of Folsom Europe has reached it’s goal of €10.000 in less than 36 hours after launch. Both Jeroen Van Lievenoogen (organizer) and Daniel Rüster (Folsom Europe) are overwhelmed with the many generous donations.

Daniel Rüster: ‘We are very touched and overwhelmed about the support for FOLSOM EUROPE. After the awesome article in Alphatribe countless folks of our community have showed how much they care about Europe‘s largest leather and fetish event. As a non-profit organisation we really need this financial help from people like them to continue our work to bring back the fans of our community and give them a platform to socialise again. Something we all missed so badly during this pandemic. Beside of the financial support we also feel very touched about the great gesture. This message of appreciation for our great event is also a sign of respect and gratitude to each of our members, volunteers, partners and supporters. 
And it shows how well connected we all are in our European community. This support of the wider community combined with our longtime sponsors will make it possible for us to start working on the upcoming edition.
Thank you for your donation and your support!’

Jeroen Van Lievenoogen: ‘I’m truly overcome with joy to see so many people contributing to help our communities number 1 event. We’ll keep the fundraiser open for a little longer to give everybody the chance to donate if wanted. The €10.000 was the minimum that the board of Folsom Europe needed to reboot. any extra’s will make their hard work as volunteers a bit easier.’

If the gods (and Berlin District Administration) allow it, Folsom is on track to unite people from all around the world once more in the great city of Berlin.

What will happen with the collected money?

Jeroen: ‘The money is collected by the We Are One foundation of Darklands which collects money for charity regularly. After the fundraiser has ended the money will be wired to the bank account of Folsom Europe.’

Daniel: ‘The Berlin non-profit organization FOLSOM EUROPE will use the donations to pay open bills from 2020 (our two office employees were so kind to postpone their invoices of last year) and to have a basis to pre-finance all costs for the 2021 event.They will of course also get support from commercial sponsors like in the past.But their financial opportunities are also more limited as the whole community suffers due to the pandemic. FOLSOM EUROPE had almost no income in 2020 but running costs, which they tried to reduce as much as possible. Now they need to turn on the engines again and start preparing for the streetfair in September. So a basis amount of cash is needed for pre-financing as they generate most of their income during September and the months before, only.’

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