Since 2004 we have received an enormous support from volunteers. Without them we would not have had one single street fair in the last 20 years.
But it is hard work to find enough volunteers year by year as our fair gets bigger and so does the need for work.
We have lots of local supporters, but that would not be enough anymore.
That´s why we started to ask visitors of FOLSOM EUROPE to support us as well.
And guess what: there are indeed fetish people who understand that you need to give a little to receive a lot!
In 2022 we have professionalized our volunteer co-ordination. Our member Dominik joined the team to organize the whole volunteering and together with our webmaster Simon he created a new registration tool: our volunteering app.
You can check out the 2024 version in summer and see if and how you can help us. Because without enough volunteers there wont be any street fair. So even if you come to Berlin to party – maybe you can spare 2 or 3 hours to support your favorite event during the weekend.
And there are some nice rewards for all our volunteers!