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Street Fair

Street Fair
In 2004 the Berlin non-profit organization Folsom Europe e.V. held its first street fair FOLSOM EUROPE on Fuggerstr./Welserstr. in Berlin-Schöneberg with 3,500 queer visitors from Europe and North America. This year we expect 25,000 visitors from all five continents visiting the largest leather and fetish event in Europe.
The street fair will take place on Saturday, September 10th from 12:00 until 22:00.
On Fuggerstr./Welserstr. you will find three stages presented by MISTER B (next to Axel Hotel), RECON (next to WOOF Bar) and BLF BERLIN LEATHER & FETISH (next to the school) with a great mix of international DJs, interesting interviews and exciting promotions. Beside of the stages we will have dozens of leather and fetish vendors, beer and cocktail booths, food trucks and action and information spots.
During the week there will be four OFFICIAL FOLSOM PARTIES: ADAM on Thursday, TESTOSTERONE and REVOLVER on Friday and our own party PIG on Saturday.
Beside of the official parties we offer lots of small and big parties at bars, a bus and a boat sightseeing tour.
The calendar can be found in our pocket guide (printed version or here on the webpage) and in summer we will present an updated version of it on our webpage.

Collect Donations

The non-profit organization Folsom Europe e.V. has started a new charity project in 2004 which has been new on our continent. Like our mother-organization Folsom Street in San Francisco we do ask the visitors of our street fair to donate for various projects in Europe year by year at the gates.
From the first year on this work was co-ordinated together with the Berlin Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (OSPI). Since 2004 we were able to distribute more than 300,000€ already. All european organizations, projects and groups who are engaged with HIV/AIDS prevention, care and information can apply to qualify for such support from us.
Lately we also started to support smaller leather and fetish clubs or projects that need financial support for special projects in our community.
We would like to thank you all for your support. Your donations allowed us to help those organizations and projects. If you do know any interesting projects that might qualify for our program, please let them know about us and ask them to get in touch with us. Thank you!

Berlin Fetish 24/7/365

Berlin Fetish
You all might know our FOLSOM EUROPE and EASTER BERLIN from our close partner BLF Berlin Leather and Fetish.
But Berlin has so much more to offer for the kinky folks from all over the world.
Beside of the two main organizations Folsom Europe e.V. and BLF e.V. there is a third major producer in town.
male.space is an event producer that is offering monthly events in town. You might know some of them already, but it is almost impossible to know them all as the list is long: BLACK WEEK, BLACK WEEKEND, The Leather Dinner, BERLIN CIGAR MEN, Fetish Cabaret, BLUF Berlin and the popular TESTOSTERONE party.
All these events make sure that our city is not only the world capital of leather and fetish twice a year - but all year long.
So check the calendar of our partner male.space for your future Berlin travel plans.
TESTOSTERONE, BERLIN CIGAR MEN, The Leather Dinner and BLUF Berlin events will be part of our 2022 program.


We would like to thank our sponsors for their support

Latest News


FOLSOM EUROPE 2022 will be bigger an better than ever. The street fair will take place on Saturday September 10th, 2022 from 12:00-22:00 on Fuggerstr. / Welserstr. in Berlin‘s fetish district Schöneberg. We will have more space than in the past 18 years, more vendors, more attractions and 3 full stages with world famous DJs […]

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Spende an KITA Fuggerstraße e.V.

Zusammen mit der Bezirksbürgermeisterin ANGELIKA-SCHÖTTLER, Schwester BAR-BITCH-KA (OSPI) und FOLSOM-Grand Dame MATAINA wurde kürzlich ein Scheck über 2.808 EUR an die KITA Fuggerstraße e.V. übergeben.

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Please Donate

Since 2004 our visitors have donated more than 300,000€ all together at our gates.
In 2019 we were able to collect more than 33,000€ – a new record.
We want to top that!

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FOLSOM EUROPE @ Gaypride Berlin 2021

2021 war Folsom Europe als Fußgruppe, zusammen mit den Fetischjungs von BLF/Easter Berlin und Fetish Social Berlin am CSD/Gaypride in Berlin. Hier konnten wir auch auf einem der offiziellen Trucks eine kurze Rede halten!

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Our Partners

We would like to thank our partners for their support

Our Team

The board of the non-profit organization Folsom Europe e.V. is including three members at the moment. The experienced board members are doing the volunteering job for multiple years already and are responsible for the planning and organization of all official events during the FOLSOM EUROPE weekend as well as the public relations and advertising in advance. Once a year all members of the club are meeting at the general assembly where they make the principal decisions. The board is supported by one employee at the office.

Alain Rappsilber

Alain Rappsilber

Board Member - Street Fair, Political Relations & Berlin Authorities
Christian Nowak

Christian Nowak

Board Member - Finances
Daniel Rüster

Daniel Rüster

Board Member - Sponsoring & Marketing, PR & Int. Relations
Mataina Ah-wie-süß

Mataina Ah-wie-süß

Head of Office, Street Fair Organization & Berlin Authorities
Gunter Haake

Gunter Haake

Advisor - Berlin Bars & Breweries
Tommy Schenz

Tommy Schenz

Advisor - Non-profit Leather & Fetish Communities


Advisor - Volunteering & Membership Administration
Simon Puffet

Simon Puffet