Our partners and sponsors

We thank our long-term partners and sponsors for their support.

Folsom Europe e.V. needs your support.

The COVID-19 crisis also has an impact on our street festival. We are working hard to organize a virtual festival for you. But we need your help. Every kind of donation helps.

Thank you!

Our projects

Collect donations

The non-profit organization Folsom Europe e.V. has started a new charity project in 2004, which has been new on our continent.
Like our mother-organization Folsom Street Events in San Francisco we do ask the visitors of our streetfair to donate for various projects in Europe year by year at the gates. This way we also support some Berlin organizations that help us with their volunteers to organize our streetfair and the collection of the donations.
From the first year on this work is co-ordinated together with the Berlin Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence. Since 2004 we were able to distribute more than 300,000€ already.
All european organizations, projects and groups who are engaged with HIV/AIDS-Prevention, -Care and -Information can apply to qualify for such support from us.

Support for social projects

Due to the kind donations of our visitors we were able to support projects, groups and non-profit organizations all over Europe with more than 300,000€ since 2004.
We would like to thank you all for that support. Your donations allowed us to support those ones.
Maybe you do know more projects in Europe that help people with HIV and Aids.
Or projects that are doing prevention and information campaigns. Please let us know about them.
We also reach out for Berlin projects that are able to help us with volunteers and that we can support with donations in return.


In 2004 the Berlin non-profit organization Folsom Europe e.V. held its first streetfair FOLSOM EUROPE on Fuggerstr. and Welserstr. in Berlin -Schönberg.
The legendary district is known as THE district of the Berlin nightlife.
Since the Golden Twenties the community is meeting here to party all night long at the bars, cabarets and clubs.
In 2004 we started with 3,500 women, men, transsexual and intersexual visitors from Europe and North America.
Nowadays around 25,000 visitors from all five continents are visIting the largest leather and fetish event in Europe.
Beside of the PIG party - our own FOLSOM EUROPE event since 2004 - we offer lots of small and big parties, bus and boat sightseeing tours and we are a platform for lots of private events on the second weekend of September.
Since the success of our streetfair, lots of bars, shops, hotels and B&B’s have opened around Fuggerstr. and Welserstr. and made Berlin the worldwide fetish capital.

Voices from the community

Every year tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world come to Berlin for Folsom Europe. They all experience a weekend full of fetish, culture, art and party.

Latest news


200+ DONATIONS – 10k+ € REACHED ON DAY 2.WE ARE SPEECHLESS AND VERY EMOTIONAL – WE KNEW HOW MUCH YOU ALL LOVE FOLSOM EUROPE. BUT THIS IS BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS! Ash Hogan, Mr. Riegillio, George Cooke, Daniel den Hartog, Steve Greenwood, Martin Mayr, Johan Hesse, Kai M, Raymond Timmer, Paul Lee-Maynard, Pavel Pech, Gunter […]



The fundraiser to collect money for the reboot of Folsom Europe has reached it’s goal of €10.000 in less than 36 hours after launch. Both Jeroen Van Lievenoogen (organizer) and Daniel Rüster (Folsom Europe) are overwhelmed with the many generous donations. Daniel Rüster: ‘We are very touched and overwhelmed about the support for FOLSOM EUROPE. […]



Dear FOLSOM EUROPE fans, we receive lots of questions if FOLSOM EUROPE 2021 will take place. Like every year we are preparing for our streetfair on Sept. 11th, 2021. But we have to be realistic – we cannot guarantee the implementation of our streetfair. The corona situation is still very volatile. There are good news […]


Your Message to Folsom 2020

Dear friends of Folsom Europe, We are all experiencing difficult times that we could have hardly imagined a few months ago.  The corona pandemic has frozen our daily life. Slowly we try to come back to a daily routine. The non-profit organization Folsom Europe e.V. had to cancel this years streetfair which has been a hard […]



Liebe Freude von FOLSOM EUROPE, aufgrund der weltweiten Lage rund um Covid-19 haben wir uns entschieden, FOLSOM EUROPE 2020 abzusagen!Die Sicherheit aller Besucher und Mitglieder hat oberste Priorität für uns. Und solange es keinen Impfstoff gegen das SARS-CoV-2-Virus gibt, sind Großveranstaltungen wie unser Straßenfest nicht möglich. Diese Entscheidung fällt uns nicht leicht, sie ist aber die […]


We are shaking in tears…

Heartbroken and devastated we have to announce that Daniel Dumont has died last night. He has lost his fight against Covid-19 after a few days in coma.  Daniel has been a member of the Board of Governors of the Leather Hall of Fame, the Secretary of the ECMC, the President of MSC Belgium, a two times […]


Our Team

The board of the non-profit organization Folsom Europe e.V. is including four members at the moment. The experienced board members are doing the volunteering job for multiple years already and are responsible for the planning and organization of all official events during the FOLSOM EUROPE weekend as well as the public relations and advertising in advance. Once a year all members of the club are meeting at the general assembly where they make the principal decisions. The board is supported by two employees at the office team.

Alain Rappsilber

Alain Rappsilber

Board member, Streetfair
Sylvio Jaskulke

Sylvio Jaskulke

Board member, Gastronomy
Tommy Schenz

Tommy Schenz

Board member, Social Media/Website/Members
Gunter Haake

Gunter Haake

Board member, Finances, Administration
Mataina Ah-wie-süß

Mataina Ah-wie-süß

Organisation streetfair
Daniel Rüster

Daniel Rüster

International Contacts