In 2004 the Berlin non-profit organization Folsom Europe e.V. held its first streetfair FOLSOM EUROPE on Fuggerstr. and Welserstr. in Berlin -Schönberg. The legendary district is known as THE district of the Berlin nightlife. Since the Golden Twenties the community is meeting here to party all night long at the bars, cabarets and clubs. In 2004 we started with 3,500 women, men, transsexual and intersexual visitors from Europe and North America.  Nowadays around 25,000 visitors from all five continents are visIting the largest leather and fetish event in Europe. 

Beside of the PIG party – our own FOLSOM EUROPE event since 2004 – we offer lots of small and big parties, bus and boat sightseeing tours and we are a platform for lots of private events on the second weekend of September. Since the success of our streetfair, lots of bars, shops, hotels and B&B’s have opened around Fuggerstr. and Welserstr. and made Berlin the worldwide fetish capital.