In Autumn 2023 a discussion about uniforms was taking place in our community. 

The question which uniforms and signs are accepted in our community and which are not is not a new one. 

Personal opinions and tastes vary a lot and are as diverse as our community.

We always believed in a free sexual spirit and of course in the rights of free expressions of personal opinions. 

Nevertheless, we should not forget to be respectful to each other in our community and we should of course respect the laws!

Respecting the laws was always a standard for our organization from the first day on. We wanted to express our ways of life but that only works hand in hand with respect and some rules. 

So what are our rules for uniforms and police/military signs?

Uniforms are of course very welcome and the BLUF community is an important column of our community. 

But of course you cannot wear official badges etc. of existing police departments or similar units on our fair. Our local police is always present (and very helpful!) and would not like to see any illegal staff… neither would we!

And yes, all kind of nazi emblems are totally illegal in Germany for a very good reason and none of us wants to see that shit on our fair anyhow. Ignoring the law would have legal consequences and a ban from the fair as well.

Talking about rules – there are also 3 other rules we always asked to respect since 2004:

– no nudism (cover your dick/pussy – topless is welcome for all genders)

– no „wild“ pissing (we have almost 40 toilet cabins, please use them)

– no sex 

No sex? Yes, it is Berlin and we are a proud kinky community. No doubts. But the street fair is a social event in public, a pride fair. So sucking, fucking, jacking-off, whipping/flogging and other sexual activities are awesome at our parties, clubs, kinky bars, darkrooms, private apartments or hotel rooms. Berlin is full of great opportunities for wild and kinky sex. And we are proud of that. 

But the street fair on public space is not the right place for that. WE ARE A SEXY FAIR BUT NOT A SEX FAIR!

Our concept was always a social event where you meet old friends and make new friends. 

Please help us to respect these 3 simple rules. The complaints the city gets year by year have been raising during the last 20 years and some of them are understandable and unnecessary. And that makes it harder and harder for us to get all the permits for the fair. And the city also supports our event financially!

Let‘s not forget: our street fair is taking place in a classic residential neighborhood incl. an elementary school, a kindergarten/pre-school and families with kids. 

So RESPECT is always appreciated and needed! THANKS!